Hi, my name is Timothy Bucknam and I am working on our family tree. I was born in Kenmore NY in 1956 and moved to live in Perry NY to work. My Father is Dean Bucknam - Born in Perry 1918 (it's strange how things work) My Grandfather is Raymond William Bucknam - Born 1892 in Perry, NY My Great Grandfather Willam Wallace Bucknam born in 1861 in Covington , NY. My Grandfather was William Mevin or Melvin William Bucknam. He was from Mass., the reason for the confussion in name on the Willam W. Wedding regester, it is signed William Bucknam and Frances Bernaed Bucknam and on his Brothers birth register it is signed Melvin Bucknam and Frances Bernaed Bucknam. From these Town Records in Perry it said he was from Mass.

So I guess my question is do you have any information that would help in my quest to put are family history together or suggestion where to look next?

Thank you for any help;

Tim Bucknam